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Sabne Raznik

Photo by Malcolm J. Wilson

Sabne Raznik

Poet/Artist Poet/Artist

What She Does

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Sabne Raznik is an internationally published poet, a former community theatre actress, and an award-winning artist with three poetry collections - Following Hope, Linger to Look, and Rabbit Hole. Her latest book is a collection of artworks titled Renaissance: Visual Art 2005 - 2019. She founded and co-edits AvantAppal(achia) ezine and co-edits North/South Appalachia. She also helps curate at Gallery 6. Raznik believes herself to be a supranational poet, in that she feels the arts transcend manmade boundaries. In view of that, her effort as part of the Appalachian Renaissance is to break stereotypes and showcase Appalachian poetry as a living part of the world-wide literary scene, as well as to encourage the underrepresented but thriving Appalachian avant-garde in the global context.

What She Does

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